Art Projects

Samples of art projects created between 2007 and 2012.

Spectator Mode (2012)

For this project I entered multiplayer servers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in spectator mode. This mode allows players to float around the level and watch others play. The screenshots that compose this series (over 120 in total) were captured by floating over the limits of the playable area and exploring the outer regions of the level, which are only meant to function as distant backgrounds. Some of the works in this series were part of the exhibition Going Beyond at the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne.

Mashups (2011)

This project consists of mashups of classic black and white photography with video game objects and characters. Some of the works in this series were exhibited in the art gallery La Cúpula.

Data Clock (2010)

The Data Clock emulates an hourglass, replacing glass and sand grains with two small computers, screens, and bits. This interactive object can be picked up and turned 180 degrees to start a data transfer from one internal computer to another. The top screen shows the names of three files and two progress bars (one for partial and one for total progress) that start depleting when the device is turned on its head. The lower screen shows to progress bars that start filling up, as the files are copied from the top computer to the bottom one. The transfer can be slowed down by tilting the device and it stops completely if it is set at 90 degrees.

Oxymoron (2009)

Layout of the three consecutive rooms in Oxymoron.

Oxymoron was an interactive installation that Mara Balestrini and I conceived for the Chateau CAC (Contemporary Arts Center) in 2009. It took up three consecutive rooms that had to be visited in a specific order. Audience members could get in either one at a time or in groups of two. In the first room, the audience saw a looping closeup video of a person saying “you are now in the present… you are now in the present…” (in Spanish: “Ahora estás en el presente”). The second room showed them a looping video of themselves walking into the first room. Their own image walked into the frame, stopped in the middle, and looked back at them, since the camera that filmed them was placed right below the screen in the fist room. In the third room, the audience could fill out a form with their email in order to receive the video of themselves walking into the second room.

24 Hours (2008-2010)

24 Hours (2010 version)

24 Hours a digital photo series of a clock. Each photo was taken with 24 hours difference, always at midnight. I made the first version of this piece in 2008. The image above shows the second version, created in 2010 for an exhibition at the art gallery La Cúpula in Córdoba, Argentina.

Fragmentos (2007)

The Fragmentos series is made up of videos that capture city landmarks in Córdoba, Argentina. Each video is a mosaic of several smaller videos, each capturing one segment of the whole image. These video fragments were filmed consecutively, meaning that, while they create a visual whole, the temporal continuity between them is broken. For example, cars that drive by in one piece of the video mosaic don’t appear in the adjacent ones. This worked was exhibited at the Museo Emilio Caraffa in the exhibition Ciudad Sentida curated by Tomás Bondone.

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