Media Presence & Other Publications

10/ 2022 Article Time in Video Games for the fall 2022 issue of the International Time Perspective Network’s newsletter

06/ 2022 Interview in the podcast Out of the Blank. [English]

11/ 2021 Interview in the podcast Behind the Screens: Zeit in Games. [German]

11/ 2021 Interview in the podcast Studying Pixels: Why are all games about time loops these days? (with Federico Alvarez Igarzábal) [English]

08/ 2021 Essay Guardar el Tiempo: Ensayo Sobre Iteración y Tragedia en los Videojuegos for the Argentinian magazine Ludorama. Ciencia del Juego no. 3, fall 2021. [Spanish]

07/ 2021 Meet the members of VIRTUALTIMES. Interview with Dr. Federico Alvarez Igarzábal.[English]

03/ 2021 Episode of 3Sat’s Nano show Die Abschaffung der Zeit featuring an interview with Marc Wittmann about our research for the VIRTUALTIMES project. [German]

01/ 2021 Interview in the podcast Meine Challenge : Ich werde Zockerin. [German]

11/ 2020 Interview for the Bell Ville Book Fair (Feria del Libro Virtual de Bell Ville), Argentina: Conversatorio con Federico Alvarez Igarzábal. [Spanish]

11/ 2020 Interview in the podcast Psychology 360: Flow States, Virtual Reality and Time Perception with Dr. Federico Alvarez. [English]

04/ 2020 Article Videojuegos: Del Trastorno a la Receta Contra la Ansiedad y el Aburrimiento written with Adriana Amado for the online magazine Red/Acción. [Spanish]

01/ 2020 Interview in the podcast Pixeldiskurs, episode 173: Konzeptionen von Zeit (mit Federico Alvarez Igarzábal) [starts at 00:52:52, English]

11/ 2019 Text about the video game Fugue in Void by Moshe Linke for the catalog of the art and games exhibition GameOn! El Arte en el Juego, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Spanish]

10/ 2019 Article How to Open a Time Portal for Maize Magazine no. 7. [English]

09/ 2018 Interview with the press department of the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. [German]

03/ 2014 Article in the Kölner Stadtanzeiger about the location-based game Will in Town, in which I was involved as an illustrator. [German]

02/ 2013 Text for VIDEONALE 14 catalogue about the video art work El Primero Que Ría by Mauricio Limón.

05/ 2011 Text for the book FlashBackup edited by Gisela Di Marco about my interactive installation Oxímoron at the Chateau CAC in Córdoba, Argentina. [Spanish]

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